Monday, January 21, 2008

Roulette Scams....... The Truth Behind The Programs

If Money Making Online was as easy as simply placing a few bets down on a set of numbers each day then everyone would be doing it........... It really is that simple. In my last post I discussed how the people who promote such programs prey on peoples sense of logic and probability to fool them into thinking these online money making scams can actually work. What I will cover in this post is how these program con artists are making money online pedaling such rubbish. Roulette systems are found all over the Internet, search engines list them, EBay even has sellers pushing these programs out for 99c buy it now. They appeal to the beginner because often beginners start by looking for free or really cheap programs to get started in their online money making venture. The potential victims are sent to a landing page by the scamers, outlining their program with links to the programmers casinos of choice.


The "Casino's of choice" for the roulette scamers are the casinos they claim their systems work the best at.The truth is these casino's offer the best return on referrals and this is how they are making money online. By referring you through their links on their outline page they make money from you every time you deposit money into the casinos you join. CLEVER LITTLE SCUM BAGS AREN'T THEY. In a desperate attempt to make their programs appear legit you will often find they attach a "Do Not Play in between the hours of 2 and 3 PM" explaining that for some reason the casinos appear harder to play in this time slot. What a load of rubbish. The truth is that this is an "out" clause for them. If the scam artists do encounter a complaint from someone who inevitably looses money using their system this is the point of reference they always refer to. The explanation I received when I complained was exactly that. "Oh you must have been playing in between 2 and 3 pm". I asked them what difference it made playing in that hour block. I received a perplexing answer via email saying "We don't know why but in that hour the casinos are simply harder to play, our research tells us so." I asked to have a look at their research and, as you can imagine, I never received a response. The biggest laugh of all when it comes to this reasoning is they NEVER stipulate a time zone. "SURPRISE, SURPRISE.
In other words between the hours of 2 and 3pm (somewhere on earth) our system may not work at all. A bigger online money making scam I have not encountered anywhere. 
The system's themselves are based on the mathematics of probability. My question to you regarding this is an old chestnut and one that rings frightfully true with these programs.

If you spin a coin 5 times and on all 5 occasions the coin has landed showing heads, what is the probability on the 6th spin it will land on tails?

Whilst you ponder the answer to this question I will discuss the betting "strategy" suggested in these roulette systems the scamers swear by. As discussed in my previous post the require you to increase your bet every time your selected bet does not come in.

bet $1 on black. If the number landed is black well done you are $1 in profit. If the number landed is red then bet $2 on black. Repeat this process until a black number is landed. (doubling your bet each time.)

If 6 red numbers come out in a row , and your bet is on black, what would be your 7th bet? Your 7th bet would be $64. If black was to land on the 7th spin what would your profit would be? Your profit would be..............$1 for that betting cycle. Laughable isn't it! Risking $64 dollars to make $1, who in their right mind would do such a thing. You would have actually wagered a total of $127 during this betting cycle (including all the previous failed bets in the cycle) to return only $1. On that 7th bet what are odds that a black number will be spun up???????? This returns us to the question at hand. The probability is what................. 80%, 90% or 95%? Nope it is much more even than that. If there was only red and black numbers on the board then, regardless of the numbers previously spun up, the chances of a black number landing are............50% are they not?
If you were to follow the betting cycle through until bet 7 this is the reality of you 7th bet.

You are risking a total of $127 for a $1 return at odds of LESS THAN 50%.
(Don't forget people Roulette boards have a green "zero" that can be spun up also)

If you are reading this and can not see the stupidity in such foolish investment then I can't help you so please exit out of my blog right now. I promise all of you there are much better ways to make a living online than throwing money down the toilet with rubbish like this. Making schemers rich is not a good feeling, trust me I know. Most online money making programs have at least something you can take out of them even is they are fundamentally flawed. Roulette scams have nothing they can teach you at all about making a living online and should be avoided at all costs.

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My next few posts will be dedicated to systems and programs that do work for me online, things that consistently make a profit. Blogging is a massive part of that. Until then happy money making and remember to send me an email or leave a comment if you have any questions on this post. Check out my next post.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just flipped through your site noting that it is not possible to win on roullete with online casinos.
All you say is correct if you happen to be just a gambler.
However, I find I can make profit by using a system I have taken a very long time to---perfect. It really does work when practising on any site. But when starting with 'real money' it doesn't.
I have figured out why at last, being able to predict what is going to happen on many of my bets.
This will only be possible if the casinos have some kind of tracking equipment to cheat, ---STEAL.
Is this legal, or can something be done about it-question mark.
Waiting for your answer, thanks,
David Fordham

Vincent Field said...

Wow... I just spent this afternoon using the outlined strategy of doubling bets till winning. Indeed what a scam, but I guess I had fun thinking I could win money so easily.

To offer an answer David, I noticed that the "random numbers" seemed to follow or predict my betting habits. It seemed to me that there were actually algorithms which came into play and produced numbers that were most likely to make me loose based on my betting habit. Not very random at all.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your blog whole heartedly - sadly from stupidity I tried these roulette ideas and have proceeded to lose £180. I urge all readers to not be fooled - it really doesn't work at all.

ZuluWarrior said...

I tried one of these so called systems and I lost money. I am wondering why no one has sent these people where they belong - PRISON.

arvin said...

The newest roulette is a strategy here. Look at it, and if you believe it so you test it. Who can acquire it sure will secure monthly income.

Michal said...

Alright gentelman, lets just talk real maths shal we... 36 numbers, half red, half black plus one green. lets say we are intending to play black. Therefore we can think of the green just as another red. That leaves us with 48.66 percent chance of black being the collour drown. Now what are the chances of a five red(aincluding green) coming in a row. Well it is 0.5135*0.5135*0.5135*0.5135*0.5135=0.03570. That IN THEORY leaves us with 3.57% percent chance of 5 red includin green being drown in a row. Now yes, in the real world you do get even 10 reds in a row, but the question is how often ? Mathematicly this thing centerly works. It is simple sooner or later the black has to inevetebly come. Are you going to have enough money to keep doubeling for that long. And another thing. This method requires a patience. You alway only going to bet £1 and than in the long run, mathematicly you simply cant loose. Now I have to say I have not tried it on line. I wonder what would happen if you tried it in a real casino. My problem with this is that I cant see mathematicly why should I loose ? I am still not convinced I am tring to pick up a courage to go ahead and try it, I am now a gamble, I never buy even lottery tickets, coz I know it stupid. The reason I know its stupid is the maths. I know that the chances are too low. Anyway gents wish me luck. Im gonna go to a real casino. Not bet, and see how would it work in a real world...

eunice said...

I gave this a try. I deposited £50 doubled it and put my £50 back into the bank! I then continued to play with the £50 winnings. I had intended to stop when I got to £100 but got greedy. When I had reached £126 I lost the lot!!! And as you rightly say its a lot to gamble to score what is in effect £1! However .... I did get my money back and I did get to £126 so perhaps if I had stopped at £100 ...................

Muzy said...


I have tried this scam to but it failed on me. I have lost 800 euros with this scam. I first send 300 euro to my account.. I played with tis trick doubling up and so on... i first won 2000 euros but after a while the system fails.. So i have lost the 2000 euros that i have win.. So this time i deposit 500 euros i first won 1200 euros and then the system failed again so i think this is really a trick of the online casino.. SO DON'T PLAY IT REALLY ITS WILL WIN AFTER WHILE...

Anonymous said...



online casino roulette said...

Take your time and study available resources in order to understand different aspects of the game. You can even formulate your own online roulette strategy based on your playing style and your casino bankroll.

Gary p, Liverpool said...

I actually won and lost on the Martingale system and agree with most comments ( playing online).
I won £7,000 but then lost £3,500 at that point I quit. I had never gambled before and I believe that the online gaming roulette systems are following a pattern that will eridacate any system in the long haul anyway.
I was wondering then if all the systems that are out there are incorporated into these games then they must love it when you play a system such as the martindale system. I wondered then what if you played by following the colour? e.g a red comes in so you bet red then a black comes in so you bet black. Sooner or later a predicted system catcher from the online mafia will throw out 10 or in my case 17 single colours in a row as it thinks you regulary play the martindale system?? Just a theory and have not tested it out as starting to believe that the over all winner will always be the banker or the online multi million software companies.

Nick-the-Greek (Cornwall) said...

I fully agree with most of the posts here, you cannot win 'long term' with online roulette.
However from the tables I have played over the past month I have noticed that for the first few days all I do is win. (I play for about two hours per day and use the Roulette Sniper software for selections using £100 bank with £1 stakes).
Then the losing runs start (even with the software) - so I now only play each table for a couple of days, bank the winnings and NEVER go back. I'm sure I'll end up running out of online casinos but I belive the key is not to play any table for longer than a few days or until a losing run starts.
You need the disipline to control greed and bank your winnings (however small)and move on.
I would be interested in anyones thoughts or experiences.

monstrocapitalista said...

i'm wondering, how much time do you really play in a row? hours? minutes? this is the first question, the second is: the online casinos can track your gains or your way to bet? the third question and the last is, in the double bet in the losing color, what were the biggest row of one color that run in a play?

Anonymous said...

I think what destroys most players is greed, as some already above mentioned. Mathematics should stay out of this because it is a computer system. It is not natural as if someone was spinning the roulette in front of you in the real world. I am strongly convinced that they employ strong software that follows patterns and fights your intentions. I.E. if player x placed bet on red, 70% chance of black, activate, and so on. But the overall system is not actually a bad idea. People dont see the accumulative strength of casino winnings. If you win 10$ a day, for 30 days, thats 300 euros that month for playing a game! I would just upgrade this system with some things I have understood and some others that you yourself will find. This will not replace your day/job, however.
1. Use the Martingale but stop immediately after you failed to get the 3rd pair. No exceptions! Dont think its your lucky day! I have seen literally hundreds of posts of people saying they won hundreds and then failed. Dont do that.
2. First winnings are also a repeating theme. Well, of course! Those programed chances are literally increased for new players and then soon the real game begins. Their Terminators(software) are constantly looking for overzealous people.
3. Remember rule no. 1 and never invest over 4%. NEVER!

Anonymous said...

I have a slightly different system to the 'Martingale' I can't give it away but lets just say it gives me more spins for the same money, thus giving me more probability to win. I've been using this in 2 real casino's & have made £8,500 in one month.. Even the pit boss came with me to the check out to count my winnings the last time, they don't like winners. Now in this time for my system to fail I have to lose 10 spins in a row & believe me it happens more than you think. I play on one table while watching the results of 4 other tables. During my time playing thankfully it didn't happen to me yet but I have seen that my system would have failed 7 times in a month on odd/even red/black & 1-18/19-36. Each loss with my system would be just under 2k. So I'm not a believer of many systems however I do believe in maths & the probability long term should be in my favour!
So after the unwanted attention at the real casino I thought I would try it out online. I started with £200 & with 50p spins on outside bets I managed to spin it up to £1,072 before some pretty unlikely things happened! Like losing on red & 1-18 at the same time 11 spins in a row. That means that the board could only land on 9 (not including the green) losing numbers, as it had to be both a high number & black. The odds of this happening is such a big number I couldn't work it out & have sent the equation to a man who works with my dad who is a Dr in mathematics.
Then I lost 2 more times the very next day. I decided that the online casino was now biased & was stealing the money back & took the money & put it onto another one. This one beat me in a couple of hours taking £400. My advice is stay clear of online casinos. They are not random, they are man made computer algorithms designed to make money, not lose it!